Do Not Shake or Puncture (captain_howdy00) wrote in icons_of_death,
Do Not Shake or Puncture

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heeey. Could someone make me some OTEP icons? I'll be eternally grateful and maybe even... give you........ a cookie!!
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I don't have any Otep icons... but if no-1 makes any, I got first call on the cookie.
lol, here's a cookie for being an otep fan *hands you a cookie* :D!
O fuckin sweet! Thanks!
You're welcome! I'd do damn near anything for Otep fans :D
Even hook a shadow soldier up with a flame-thrower? =D
LoL... SURE! I'll get right on it!! ;-)
Oh hell yes! Get me some petrol, President Bush, and a cigar, and i'll worship you forever.
*goes on a quest in order to retrieve the items*
*comes back*
I had difficulty retrieving the "president" but he's in a potato sack out back *points* Have fun =P
LOL! Fuckin awesome, you rock.
Yes... Yes I do, don't I? :P
Can I add you to my friends list?? =]
If you're talking to me, then yes.
yeah I was talking to you. lol. I added ya =D
I'm sorry I didn't hop on this post :P Otep kicks major ass, and I'll be sure to make a new post including some icons probably tonight.
I also see that you have my other Otep icon ;) awesome.
^_^!! Yeah, I snagged your otep icon. heh! I love otep so much it crazy. lol
That would be soo majorly kick ass *gives you cookies* =D!