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For those of us who rock hard..

I bring you icons that rock harder \,,/

Hardcore Icons
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This is a community for Hardcore Icons. Icons that relate to mostly music. Hardcore, Death Metal, Grindcore, any kind of Metal, and there are some exceptions. They don't have to be the kind of band that screams to the point that you can't understand, but that is our reason for being here.

This is NOT a community for Emo bands, R&b, country..or any of that..if you love our icons, but don't love metal, go to Simple_Icons_4u ( the link is my website ) and we can simply make it there. That is also one of the communities I maintain, so I'll be glad to help!

I won't bash you if you request for an icon of a band that I don't like. But I will, if it's not an acceptable band. If you request a yellowcard icon, I will simply refer you to another community, but won't ban you or anything silly like that. It's just a mistake. If that mistake persists, I will be forced to be harsh. Sorry. I'm a nice person, I just don't want this community to go out of it's range.

As far as rules go, there aren't any real ones. I do appreciate credit GREATLY. I won't hunt you down or ban you, but I really would like you to credit me. I'm the only one doing the icons, so yeah. Thanks! Also, if you have a really long request, or big pictures, a livejournal cut would be nice. It's just to keep the community organized ( plus I hate scrolling forever just to get to another request down the page ).

Do not, however, bash on ANYONE because they like a metal band that you don't. If you don't believe slipknot is real metal, or something of that sort, keep it to yourself. Be mature. Please!?

**The bands in the interests are just a few bands I ( the mod ) particulary like. They aren't a guideline that you HAVE to like those bands, I love opening up and giving new bands a chance, even when everyone else gives them ass ratings, if you say their good, I don't mind looking into it. If you don't like any of the bands I listed, that's fine too, just don't bitch about it, or call me fake. I've seen a lot of communites that bitch at people for the bands they like. It's called opinion. Deal with it. :)

And thats about it...have fun!